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How Couponing Works and How It Can Help Save Money on Groceries

When couponing, the possibility to save money is endless. You can find hundreds of coupons for a variety of products. While some may think that couponing takes too much time and energy, those who have mastered the sport would beg to differ. These savvy shoppers know where to find the best coupons and how to use them to save as much money as they can. When searching for coupons, there are two types that shoppers can find – manufacturer coupons and store coupons. Store coupons must be used specifically at the store offering the coupon. Manufacturer coupons can be used at a variety of stores, like CVS Pharmacy or Sprouts, for a specific product.

What are the benefits of couponing?

Shoppers all around the world can benefit from integrating coupons into their shopping. This is because couponing ultimately saves them money and allows them to stock up on their favorite items at a cheap price. When shopping, couponers can save money on at least one item while typically saving on a lot more. Some families save hundreds of dollars a month by using coupons, and those savings can go towards rent or utility expenses. Couponing allows you to stock up on your most used items, like paper towels and dish washing soap. Additionally, using coupons exposes you to a wide array of products that you have never used before. This allows you to compare products and determine if cheaper products are just as good as those that are more expensive.

What are the best ways to find grocery coupons?

Grocery coupons are not hard to find, but finding the best ones that cater to your dietary or personal needs can be. There are a variety of sources that provide both manufacturer and store coupons. You can find coupons through traditional paper methods or through online sites dedicated to couponing. Whichever avenue you choose is solely dependent on your preference. You may prefer to cut out grocery coupons from the Sunday newspaper or access coupon QR codes that can be scanned directly from your phone at the supermarket.

Finding Grocery Coupons Online

You can find grocery coupons online through a local grocery store’s website. However, keep in mind that if you obtain a coupon from a store-specific site, you can only use the coupon at that grocery chain. Store sites allow you to print online coupons and download coupon offers onto your rewards card. Additionally, manufacturer sites offer coupons for your favorite brands and products. Manufacturer websites are ideal for obtaining coupons if there is a specific product you love or normally use. Simply look up a brand like OxiClean or Downy laundry detergent and use their coupons at any store that sells these products. For a wide selection of grocery coupons, use a coupon site like RedPlum or GroceryCoupons to discover a variety of coupons. These sites make it easy to narrow both store and manufacturer coupons by organizing them into categories like “Frozen Food” or “Cleaning Supplies”.

Finding Paper Grocery Coupons

If you have received a paper in the mail recently, do not throw it away. There may be coupon inserts for those cereal boxes you need to buy or your family’s favorite apple juice. You can find an array of store and manufacturer coupons through the following paper methods.

  • Sunday newspapers contain coupon inserts or coupon booklets with a variety of grocery store coupons. Subscribe to your local newspaper and request multiple subscriptions for each member of your family in order to maximize your savings.
  • Weekly supermarket circulars can be found in your mailbox every week or at your local grocery store. Get a hold of these fast as they typically offer deals happening at your local grocery store for that week.
  • Receipts typically contain a few grocery coupons and promotions that you can redeem the next time you shop. The next time your cashier asks you whether or not you want your receipt, accept it to potentially save a few dollars on your next shopping trip.
Using Grocery Coupon Apps

If don’t have a coupon binder or accordion file for your savings, access your coupons directly from a coupon app on your phone. All you need is a smartphone and a coupon app like Grocery Smarts or Grocery IQ. Grocery Smarts matches coupons with weekly sales from your favorite grocery and pharmacy stores, like Walmart and Target. Grocery IQ is ideal for grocery shoppers who typically buy the same products. Simply create a shopping list and the app will match the items with available coupons. This way, you don’t necessarily have to go out searching for coupons to save on every item. You can leave all the work up to Grocery IQ as it searches instantly for the best offers.

How to Save Even More Money With Grocery Coupons

Did you think that saving money stopped with the simple use of a single coupon? You can save even more money with grocery coupons if you learn how to coupon the right way. For starters, you want to organize your coupons to make sure that you are using them all as needed. If you have dozens of coupons thrown in your wallet or purse, finding the right one at the right time can be difficult. You may never find it when rummaging through your bag at the cash register.

To avoid losing or misplacing coupons that could save you money, clip your coupons and store them using a coupon binder or accordion file. These provide individualized sections designed to divide coupons into categories. You can store your coupons by store, expiration date, aisle or product type. Either way, organizing your coupons will guarantee that you use most, if not all, of them when grocery shopping. Another way to make the most out of your grocery coupons is to participate in double-couponing days hosted by grocery stores, like Country Mart or Foodland.

Go online, call or visit your local grocery store to inquire about their next double-coupon day. These days are dedicated to doubling what your coupons work while making a purchase. If your toilet paper coupon offers a $1 discount, your grocery store will double the offer to a $2 discount. In addition to doubling coupons, grocery stores like Walmart and Publix allow you to stack your coupons. This means that you can use both a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on a product or purchase.