Before applying for SNAP benefits in Florida, how do I know if my household might be eligible?

To find out if you might be eligible for Florida SNAP benefits, you can use the online pre-screening tool.

What specifically qualifies a beneficiary for disabled status under Florida SNAP guidelines?

There are several ways to determine disability status. Most commonly, a beneficiary is considered disabled if he or she receives State or Federal disability payments or disability retirement benefits.

Are any college students eligible for Florida food stamps?

While most students who attend a college half-time or more are NOT eligible for food stamps in Florida, there are a few exceptions. Some examples of exempt college students include students who:

  • Have a disability.
  • Work more than 80 hours per month on average.
  • Provide at-home care for a dependent under the age of six.
Are all vehicles counted as a resource or asset?

No. Some examples of vehicles that are not considered resources or assets include:

  • Work-related or income-producing vehicles
  • Vehicles serving as the household’s home
  • Vehicles used to transport disabled household members
  • Vehicles with very little value


Can I transfer my benefits from another state to the Florida Food Assistance Program?

No. If you are currently living in Florida, you must apply for SNAP benefits in Florida through the Florida Food Assistance Program.


Can I receive email notifications about the status of my Florida Food Stamps application?

Yes. You can register for email notifications in your online Florida Food Assistance Program account. After you register, the Florida Food Assistance program will send you an email notification whenever it updates your application.

After applying, how will I know if my household has been determined ineligible for food stamps?

The Florida Food Assistance Program will post an ineligibility notice in your online account and send an ineligibility notice to you by mail. The notice will explain any reason(s) for your ineligibility.


How long will it take to receive my EBT card after I receive notice of my eligibility for Florida SNAP benefits?

Your EBT card will arrive in the mail no more than seven days after you receive your Florida SNAP benefits eligibility notice.

It has been more than seven days since I received my Florida food stamps eligibility notice, but I have not received my EBT card yet. What should I do?

You can contact EBT customer service by phone.

If any benefits remain in my EBT account at the end of the month, will these benefits remain on my card for the following month?

Yes. Remaining benefits are kept in your account balance.

Do unused Florida SNAP benefits ever expire?

Unused SNAP benefits will remain in your SNAP account for one year. The Florida SNAP program will only remove your benefits if you refrain from using your EBT card for one entire year.

How do I protect my EBT card from damage?

Keep the card away from liquids, direct sunlight, magnets and electronics, and avoid scratching the card’s stripe.

Can I share my EBT Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) with anyone else?

No. Only you and the EBT service should know your PIN. Do not share the PIN with anyone else, including members of your household or your caseworker. Someone who has your card and PIN can use your benefits, which cannot be replaced.

What can I do if I am aware that someone else has my EBT card and knows my EBT Card PIN?

You can contact EBT services by phone and create a new PIN.


I am appealing a Florida food stamps denial, and the hearing officer scheduled my hearing during a time that I am not available. What can I do?

You can contact the hearing officer to reschedule, but you must submit your request no less than five days before the scheduled hearing date.

If I am appealing a Florida food stamps denial and prefer an in-person hearing to a hearing-by-phone, can I make a request?

You can inform the Office of Appeal Hearings of your preference by writing a request or calling the Office.

If I am late to my Food Stamps denial appeal hearing or fail to appear at my hearing, what will happen?

If you have an emergency and cannot make it to the hearing, you must call the hearing officer as soon as possible to explain why you could not make it to the hearing. If you do not call, the hearing officer will consider the hearing “abandoned” and will drop your case.


How do I report a change if my household’s income becomes higher than the Federal Poverty Level guideline for Florida food stamps eligibility?

You can report a change in your online account or complete and submit a Change Report Form. Remember to report this change no more than 10 days after the end of the month in which the change occurs.

My benefits are scheduled to end this month. When do I need to submit my benefits renewal application?

You must complete and submit your renewal application no later than the fifteenth day of the last month of your benefit period.

My benefit period will be over soon. Am I required to submit a renewal application even if my household has not undergone any changes?

Yes. If you wish to continue receiving SNAP benefits after your benefit period ends, you must submit a renewal application.